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At Vine Lash + Beauty Co. we customize each and every lash and brow look, tailored for each clients’ eyes and face. We pride ourselves in making it a priority to have our clients leaving pleased and feeling more beautiful. Allow us to give you the look you want to achieve while relaxing in a calm, cozy and soothing setting. (Lash naps are always welcomed!)   

We'll help you clearly understand the after-care for your lashes and brows, as well as how to maintain your beautiful, fresh new look!

At Vine Lash + Beauty Co. we promote self-care in every way, so don’t let another moment go by without treating yourself! NOW is the time to do it and we ALL deserve it! 

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Hi! And welcome to Vine Lash + Beauty Co.! I'm the owner and an 11-yr licensed cosmetologist. I actually began my venture into this industry back in 2004 at a hair salon in downtown St. Petersburg. Five years later I graduated from Sunstate Academy in Clearwater, Florida, passed my state boards exams and officially became licensed! I started out doing hair, then makeup, finally landing my feet where they are today - as a lash and brow expert, and owner of Vine Lash + Beauty Co. 

Some of my beauty expertise involves freelance hairstyling and makeup artistry for film, print, live television shows, commercials, and weddings as well as modeling on live television and speaking on camera since 2008.

I have had an extremely longtime and deep passion for beauty ever since I was very, very young. I've always found it to be so much fun giving my friends and family beauty makeovers over the years and decades....doing their hair and their makeup, and even styling an outfit for them to complete their whole new, fresh look! As cliche as it may sound, ever since I was a little girl I had always wanted to do hair, makeup, sing, dance, model, and act. So this passion for beauty is driven by my lifelong obsession in this industry!

Some other passions of mine that also feed and nurture my soul include ALL forms of self-care, plants or just being outside in nature. *My love for plants and nature is actually how I came up with the name for my business!*

I look forward to someday meeting you all and being able to work my "magic" on you to create an even more beautiful image of yourself both inside and out! 

Stay well! xoxo - Sue


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